These comprehensive e-learning courses & certifications, endorsed by the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI), are geared towards individuals interested to start a career as Wilderness Guides, or outdoor enthusiasts wishing to gain wilderness knowledge.

The North American version focuses on environments north of the 45th parallel (Canada/Alaska). The European version focuses on environments north of the 45th parallel (Scandinavia).

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This field course & certification, endorsed by the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI), provides a hand-on approach to wilderness guiding in an actual expedition environment.

All the subjects addressed during the Certified Assistant Guide course are reviewed and practiced, with an emphasis on Risk & Emergency Management, Expeditionary & Outdoor Leadership, Sustainability & Conservation and Wilderness Survival.

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The Bear Safety course, delivered through e-learning, teaches participants the fundamentals of bear behaviour, and how to avoid or minimize bear conflicts, while in wilderness or rural areas.

The combined Advanced Wilderness First Aid and SAR course (coming in 2015) provides comprehensive first aid and CPR knowledge, as well as Search & Rescue techniques, for those who need a high level of training to work and respond to emergencies in wilderness environments.

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The specialization courses are geared towards PAWGI certified Wilderness Guides and above, or outdoor enthusiasts, wishing to acquire an in depth knowledge.

Wildlife specialization, National Park specialization, and Survival specialization courses are offered, each providing an in-depth review of a specific wilderness subject.

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NURRAK Wilderness Instructors are independant outdoor professionals who are certified as Wilderness Guides and/or Instructors through various certifying agencies in North America, Europe, and Africa, part of the One Wilderness Alliance.

They bring to NURRAK personal, wilderness, oudtoor, and guiding backgrounds, as diverse as their country of origin, or region of operation.

They specialize in wilderness guiding, wilderness survival, or even wildlife biology. They are fluent in English, as well as many other languages.
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