Survival courses are recommended for any individual who lives, play, or work in remote areas.

The basic introductory survival course, entirely completed online, teaches candidates basic concepts of survival, such as psychology of survival, signals, building shelters and fires, as well as finding drinkable water and food. The advanced survival course is a field course during which the concepts learned during the online course are practiced and improved.

Completion of either or both courses qualify for a PAWGI Restricted (non-teaching) certification.
The program is entirely delivered through an online course composed of 6 modules: Psychology of SurvivalSignalsSheltersFiresWaterFood

Each module includes a set of materials to be reviewed, in the form of videos, documents, and scientific papers. The candidate also writes a quiz after each module, and upon completion of all modules, a final paper.

Course is completed at the participant's own pace.
Following successful completion of the course, candidates will have acquired the theoretical knowledge that will allow them to survive in a wilderness environment. Acquired skills relate to the psychology of survival, signals, shelters, fires, water, and food.

Further, certification (non-teaching, restricted) is achieved through the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI) upon completion of all course modules, assignments, and/or online quizzes, with a passing mark of 80% or higher.
This course is open to everyone 16 year or older. However, candidates wishing to use this course towards the PAWGI Survival Specialization must be 18 year or older, and must hold a current a PAWGI Certified Wilderness Guide certification or higher.

You will need to apply directly through the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI) upon successful completion of this course if you wish to receive a restricted, non-teaching, survival specialization.
Courses start every week, subject to instructor availability, and there is no time limit to complete the course.

The course includes all required course materials in an electronic format (the purchase of actual textbook is therefore not required), all tuition fees, as well as access to one or more PAWGI certified Wilderness Instructors.

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